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November 03, 2009



I went to school in California with Steve and Im so excited that he has these beautiful images. You are right: your photos have really conveyed the closeness of his tight knit family. My favorites are: photo 1 - love the depth of field and unusual crop; photo 7 from on top - great perspective; photo 11 of them in the garden - awesome that you go their house in that too-great large shot; 12 with the chickens; 15 and 16 with Hayden; 17 and 18 while reading - love the tenderness you captured in 15 and 18. Just lovely. Your black and white conversions are fantastic too.

Holly Goulet

I am speechless. So beautiful...and I am not only talking about the pictures this time. The Fox family is truly a role model in so many ways!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing.

Sue Keil

Awesome photos! Maybe you could use our TV watching, fighting family as a compare and contrast project - just kidding. Noticed the picture of Mary and Colleen. Didn't know you knew them. Drew is in the same K class as Caden.

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